About Us

Our company is totally dedicated to creating gourmet kettle popcorn. But what exactly is gourmet kettle popcorn? Well, let me start by telling you what our ingredients are and why this is important.

We only use: Non-GMO Corn, soybean oil, cane sugar, and a little bit of salt. Soybean oil gives us a big plus in starting with a healthy snack. It takes away all those trans fats that butter or canola oil gives to the popcorn, plus soybean oil reduces the calorie content, WOW! Unlike other kettle corn vendors we try to create an even balance between the sugar and salt, that way it is right in the middle and not too overwhelming.  This unique blend between sweet and saltiness separates our kettle popcorn from all the rest, making it our little piece of heaven!

Another important fact begins with just the popcorn alone containing a high source of protein, fiber, and iron. This nutritious treat is about one of few snacks that you can find that are tasty as well as healthy. In addition to this, our kettle corn is 100% vegan, and gluten-free.

We have 3 proportionate bag sizes available in small, medium, and large at any one of the four farmers’ markets where we are located. We recommend that you stop by, try a free sample, and let the party begin.